Diamanda Galás to WEAVING POLITICS

We are happy and proud to announce our latest eminent guest to take part in WEAVING POLITICS!

Vocalist, composer and performer DIAMANDA GALÁS will join the symposium and hold a lecture Sunday the 16th at 10 am.

Diamanda Galás does not care if she is despised or admired, instead she believes in empathy and its outstanding power and ability to move mountains. With a voice that spans over three and a half octave Diamanda Galás is one of the most important singers of our time. Ruthless, she uses her sharpened tool to give voice to all the victims of oppression or genocide, for all those who are in exile or in political fear; for all who are treated as outcasts.

We warmly welcome Diamanda Galás to Stockholm and all of you to her intervention.

Cristina Caprioli/ccap